How to convert Geez-1 font to Unicode

  1. Download TECkit which is a low-level toolkit intended to be used by other applications that need to perform encoding conversions from for the platform/operating system you have and install it. You can find the installation notes from the same link.
  2. Go to command line/terminal/command prompt and follow instructions from Download “TECkitversion2_doc_pdf.pdf”

What I did is, I extracted the mapping files in ‘Desktop’ and put the file with Geez-1 font (to be converted) in ‘Desktop’ as well. Then, I run the following command in terminal.

txtconv -t Ge\’ez-1.tec -i ToBeConverted.doc -o Converted.txt

Note: I have seen that converting .doc (word documents) works better than .txt (plain text files).

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Lead Software Engineer

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Biniam Asnake

Biniam Asnake

Lead Software Engineer

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